Animation & Design

Motion Design | 3D Visualisation & Animation Without The Overheads

Animation can tell stories, convey ideas and explore concepts in ways that other mediums can't.

We love taking a brand, ptoduct, or idea and bring it to life with a strong identity and presence through motion.

With an eye for detail and a deep understanding of style, movement, form and composition, we create content that ignites the imagination, informs, entertains and engages.

Many people say that "3D is too expensive", hence, quality 3D has traditionally been reserved for higher budgets. We believe this isn't the case and that the 3rd dimension should be available when needed without the cost barrier.

Motion Graphics

Motion Design has the unique ability of delivering a message fast!!

By illustrating your core concepts, through creative & clear motion design, the viewer connects on a much deeper level.

We specialise in: Branding, Logo Stings, Broadcast Design, Infographics, Typography

3D Visualisation & Animation

We live and breathe 3D. From architectural and product visualisations through to animated design, characters and product modeling, our 3D content is seriously immersive and is at the core of what Dingo is all about.

We specialise in: 3D Visualisation, Character Animation, Engineering & Architecture.

Technical & Creative

Taking technically complicated concepts and products and turning them into easily understood content is a Dingo speciality.

We specialise in:

Engineering, Product development, Industry, Marketing

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